East Dundee PD talks down driver in suicide attempt, and then……

_wco1986-copyOctober 26, 2016 – EAST DUNDEE

Yesterday morning Quadcom received a phone call from a trucking company about a truck driver who had threatened harming himself.  The driver was parked behind the old Wal-Mart on Rt72 in a tractor-trailer.  East Dundee Police located the vehicle, slowly approached it and established communications with the driver who they’d then learned, had already sliced his arm with a box-cutter.  The officer was able to keep the driver from doing any further harm to himself, and eventually (after 40 min or so) he was able to get him out of the vehicle so Fire Department paramedics could treat his self-inflicted wound.

Great job by the East Dundee Police.…but this story doesn’t end here.

After they got him out of the truck and were treating him for his injury, it was discovered that the subject was being sought by Terra Haute, Indiana Police in connection with a homicide investigation. For more on this story, check this link (http://bit.ly/2ewbni7) to a newscast regarding this individual.  The subject was taken into custody after being treated at St. Alexis Hospital in Hoffman Estates and is currently at Kane County jail awaiting extradition to Terra Haute._wco1998-copy

Again, great job East Dundee Police!!!

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