Elgin’s Powell and Dixon should resign

Elgin Councilwoman Tish Powell and Councilman Corey Dixon should resign for making a public statement regarding a police officer who has not been charged with a crime, or any wrongdoing whatsoever. With a possible criminal investigation underway and definite legal action pending, both should have held their remarks as public officials, in an official platform.

January 25, 2019 – The endless gaggle of stupid messages regarding the Clements‘ shooting in Elgin need to end. As should Elgin Councilwoman Tish Powell and Councilman Corey Dixon’s reaching out to national organizations to mobilize should the decision returned by Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx be something they don’t agree with. Powell and Dixon have already tried and convicted Elgin Police Officer Lt. Christian Jensen in the press on their personal Facebook pages. They’ve even gone so far as to state that Jensen should no longer be in an EPD uniform. Remember, he’s not been charged or accused of any crime.

Both swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States so both of them need to check themselves when discussing this issue publicly. This is not about race, although recent FOIA documents provided by the City of Elgin show Powell has reached out to the NAACP and Cities United regarding this. Why? This was an assault on a police officer with a knife, and in 2019, where they shoot cops just sitting and eating breakfast at restaurants. When you try to jump out of a vehicle with knife in hand, AFTER you’ve already totally demonstrated you’re crazy by ramming a squad car over and over, in the end, Decynthia Clements got what she wanted. Suicide-by-Cop. The real tragedy now is the mud a good cop will be dragged through simply because some, want to make it a racial case.

Some of the pastors and reverends who spoke at the January 9th city council meeting were equally racially motivated.

It’s my opinion that Tish Powell and Corey Dixon should resign, immediately, regardless the outcome of this case. Their showboating and constant misinformation to the public is not wanted or needed in Elgin.

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