Give me 3 minutes to quantify that graphic.

Tish Powell, Anthony Ortiz and Dustin Good have all in a recent Daily Herald interview continued with the mantra against an Elgin Police officer, although he’s been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Cook County State’s Attorney, Appellate Prosecutor and the Illinois State Police.

Now Councilwoman Powell continues her witch-hunt at the Tax-payer’s expense by demanding an independent investigation. That was the purpose of it being handled by the Illinois State Police in the first place being they were an outside agency.

We don’t need these ridiculous distractions in this city anymore. We don’t need the negative press and we certainly don’t need Tish Powell sitting on this council any longer. She’s taken the path of of her good buddy Traci D. Ellis, who wrongly assumed “controversy…..is good for her, even if it’s bad for the City of Elgin. (she resigned from the U-46 Board shortly after her ridiculous outburst about the American Flag.) It’s time to say “NO MORE BS!”

JUST SAY NO TO Tish Powell, Elgin City Councilwoman, Anthony Ortiz and Dustin Good.

Say YES to a new voice for a change, Steve Thoren For Elgin City Council

Here’s how I’m voting:

Elgin Mayoral Race: ‘Dave Kaptain’ – While he’s been less effective than we’d like on things recently, experience is everything. To throw Rauschenburger into that seat would honestly serve no purpose, plus….it would then VACATE another seat on the City Council and instead of the voters, the Council would appoint someone to her seat so yes, for now, KEEP KAPTAIN.

For City Council:

Steve Thoren
Rose Martinez
Toby Shaw
John Steffen

Just remember: #AnyoneButPowell

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